600 MHz Bandwidth Changes

The FCC has recently ruled that the 600MHz-700MHz broadcast spectrum will be allocated for telecommunications use in 2016. This means that any wireless devices operating in that range will need to be decommissioned to make room for the companies purchasing the spectrum.

In 2008 the FCC auctioned off the 700MHz range (698-806 to be precise). Part of the logic behind this transition is that because digital television broadcasts use less bandwidth, there is free space available to re-purpose for new technology. The auctioning of the 600MHz range is the next phase in the FCC’s upgrade plan.

While this is all a step in the right direction for the “big picture”, it will cause severe inconvenience to facilities that rely on devices operating in the 600MHz range. Some examples include:

 SHURE PRODUCTS using the L4 range (638-662) 

SENNHEISER PRODUCTs using the B range (606-774)


Most operating ranges can be found on the back of your wireless receivers. Several manufacturers are offering incentives to replace your old wireless gear at a reduced price or providing refunds for returned “obselete” products.

If you would like to know what your options for updating are, give us a call anytime at

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and we’d be happy to help make the transition as simple and affordable as possible.

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