Monthly Archives: September 2014

Metal Mixing Webcast


AVL is a proud sponsor of CreativeLive’s free webcast “Mastering Metal Mixing – with Eyal Levi”. Tune in Sep 29th- Oct 1st and polish up your mix chops. Eyal covers everything from mix prep, to complex sample augmentations, side chains, and routing tricks that have earned his mixes great acclaim. Focused on metal genre’s but applicable to the work of any engineer.

SSL Studio Workshop

Wednesday, September 10th –

We’ll be discussing studio workflow techniques and discuss ways to relate the capture of audio to the capture of images. SSL’s Marc DeGeorge will be leading the discussion and demonstrating why summing in the analog domain is different than doing so digitally. Beer and snacks will be provided please RSVP to brad@avlprofessional.comSSL flyer cheap car rental satellite map